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December 2nd, 2006

10:38 am: Already December!
Wow, I can't believe that it's already December. Going home in 1.5 weeks and then lots of family and friend stuff. Definitely have quite a bit of work to do before break, though. Just to make sure I get those A's. It's doable, though. I haven't put enough work into my incompletes, though. Damnit.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday and there is definitely no excuse not to eat healthy.

Several kinds of apples
Mandarin oranges
Dried pineapple

Frozen broccoli
Green beans
Canned corn
Black beans

Low fat canned soup
Vegetarian corn dogs
Whole wheat pasta
Chicken breast
Deli turkey
Whole wheat tortillas
Multi-grain low fat chips
Veggie burgers

My body definitely needs healthy food.

October 30th, 2006

05:36 pm:

SO MUCH TO DO!  I can't seem to concentrate.  I just sit, looking at the blank computer screen, my mind feeling equally blank.  I have two small assignments to complete by 3:30, one larger one to complete by midnight, at least two hours more of studying for my exam tomorrow, and approximately 1 million of hours to study for my cognitive psych exam on weds.  


October 28th, 2006

01:50 pm: Thanks to Sarah

1. Have you ever worn black fingernail polish?
no way

2. Favorite Childhood memory?
Camp Roger, for sure.  Also ABC F4E sleepovers!

3. Where did you go on your last date?
Last date?  Jeez.  Burgerama I guess.

4. What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
All.  I switched from Free and Clear to a lightly scented one.

5. Favorite Halloween costume?
Zombie prom queen.  Very un sexy though.

6. What made you choose your major/ occupation?
I find psychology fascinating.

7. Which do you prefer...essay or multiple choice?
Multiple choice, for sure.  I'm great at recognition.

8. How often do you clean your toilet?
Maybe every two weeks?

9. Do you have dimples?
Not even remotely

10. Do you like tongue rings/ facial piercings?
Yes, to a point.  Anything in moderation.

11. What would you do for a klondike bar?
I actually don't really like klondike bars. 

12. Describe your shower curtain.
Frosted white with lots of different color pink circles

13. If you could live in any decade which would you choose?
I like now

14. If someone is going to cook you breakfast, what would you want?
Spinach, tomato and cheese omelet with potatoes of some sort and skim milk

15. Do you prefer in your pillows...feather, cotton?

16. What was your favorite subject in elementary school?
Math for sure

17. Favorite color post- it?
classic yellow or black

18. Do you have any clocks in your house that don't work?
Yes, one clock and one watch

19. Have you ever used a fire extinguisher?

20. Can you pass by a mirror without looking in it?

21. What family member are you closest to?
hmmm, close to all my sisters

22. Do you close a bag of chips using a chip clip, clothespins, or nothing at all?
the little black clips that are supposed to be for office use.  ooops.

23. Do you have a welcome mat?
no, but there is a little rug inside the front door.

24. Do you buy snacks at the movies or do you sneak them in?
Sneak them in for sure.  I'm CHEAP.

25. Do you walk outside barefoot?
now and then, but i like keeping my feet clean

26. Do you leave voicemails?
yes.  usually short and sweet.  unless i'm drunk.  or driving.  but naturally not both.

27. Cheers or Friends?
friends.  i think cheers is too dark.  the colors in the bar depress me.

28. Do you own scented candles?

29. Diamonds or Pearls?
diamonds, but a nice strand on pearls can be SO classy.

30. Most Random Decoration?
Pink paper parasol, world map

31. Have you ever written your own survey?
no, i don't think so

32. Any random thoughts??
headache.  and excited for halloween party tonight!

August 16th, 2006

02:01 am: A little more info
1. Name:
2. Age/Birthday:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Rapper/Artist:
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Favorite TV Show:
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game:
11. Do we know each other outside of Livejournal?
12. Would you give me a kidney?
13. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
14. If you could change anything about your current life, what would it be?
15. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
16. Post a picture of you:

January 18th, 2006

11:16 pm: Stupid boys
Grrr. I was in bed, trying to go sleep, and my phone rings.  It's Sumair.  The one who I am (was) infatuated with.  he spent like 15 minutes telling me about this girl who he likes.  ugh.  definitely not fun to hear.  and then he tried to be all like it used to be, and i was cranky, and he called me out on it, and I told him that it's terribly impractical for me to be infatuated with someone who's 2200 miles away.  he asked me if that's why I haven't called him lately and I couldn't deny it.

ugh.  time to move on.  i want the next guy I like to be someone who i actually have a chance at a future.  I spent last semester on teh phone with S because I was lonely and liked talking to him and liked LIKING him.  I'm done with that.  time to focus on the people and boys at hand.  Effffffffiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggg boys.  I feel hurt and angry and disapointed.  Hopefully writing this all out will help me relax :o)

January 17th, 2006

04:41 am: Just another manic Tuesday?
Ugh, today is going to suck.  It's almost five in the morning and I have class from 9:30 - 4:45 straight.  I actually fell asleep at about 10:00 last night but I woke up at 12:30 and probably will not go back to sleep.  Again, today is going to be a long ass day.  Damn class.

So, they seem to have forgotten to take my scholarship away, and I'm not about to remind them to do it, so here's hoping that they won't notice. 

I had a fabulous long weekend.  On Thursday night I went out with the guys to Bison Witches to enjoy their 1$ Hefeweizen.  Definitely got smashed.  I was planning on crashing with Noah, but Scott definitely freaked out, so I guess that's done....

Saturday night we played some beer pong and then snuck into the hockey game.  Hmmm, snuck, is that correct?  Or sneaked? Anyways, twas a fun night, though I was unbelievably hyper for like 6 hours and ran around and beat everyone up.  Perhaps. 

Ugh.  Done with German homework.  Don't feel like doing my other reading.  I want a novel to sink my teeth into.  Damn Tucson library system.  

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Something Corporate

January 11th, 2006

02:31 pm: And so it begins...
I'm back in sunny tucson, and it's fabulous not to be constantly surrounded by grey skies.  Today was the first day of classes, but I only had one, so that was pretty easy.  I've actually been surprisingly productive - probably partly because I took a Concerta today for the first time in a long while and it really affected me. 

My kitchen/hallway has a really weird funky smell - my roommate and I have tried everything, and we have no idea what's causing it.  In the process of cleaning out the fridge I came across some 2-month-old pancake batter.  It had definitely turned black, but alas, it was not the cuplrit of the smell.

I suppose I should use my energy and keep being productive...

Current Music: anything Straylight Run

April 7th, 2005

07:22 pm: If you're reading this, could you do me a huge favor, please?

Leave a comment with your first name, general location, something interesting about yourself, and a picture.  I'd like to match names, places, faces, all of it.  If you think that's way too much personal information, leave whatever you're comfortable with :o)


Oh yeah - I'm Amy, in Arizona and Michigan, I'm fairly obsessed with cobalt blue glassware, and here's a pic -

picCollapse )

March 19th, 2005

02:23 am:

I think that I'm switching to friends only...comment if you'd like to be added!

February 21st, 2005

01:00 am:

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